I have ignored you long enough.

I guess that even though I have the calendar alert me every week, I still don’t want to take time away from my playing on either of the devices.  I guess you would say I’ve gotten lazy when it comes to writing or voicing my opinions in the blog.  I need to buckle down and start working things up so when the calendar alert goes off Thursday morning at 9AM, I can throw a post together.  If nothing else, I can vent  about the Enlightened agents who drive me nuts this week.  I you don’t know Ingress, I suggest you look it up.  It might not be your cup of tea, but it will give you a frame of reference for when I vent about LatentWarrior or GatorMan83.  Those two mess with portals I capture and link together to form control fields.  They just want the AP from blowing up my resonators and capturing those portals.  I’ll speak more in depth about it from time to time.  Another game I’ve been playing a lot of is XMercs.  I just got my squad killed, so I have to wait until they are revived.  For our sniper, she’s going to be 7 hours in revival.  I will get the gang together before I head out to work tonight.  Now to do some house searching.  Things have changed since last I wrote.  Time to dust things off and do more typing practice.


Via con Dios, amigos.


The Intolerance Behind Elizabeth Warren’s 11 Commandments of Progressivism – William L. Anderson – Mises Daily

The Intolerance Behind Elizabeth Warren’s 11 Commandments of Progressivism – William L. Anderson – Mises Daily.


I’ve been ignoring the calendar reminders for blogging again.  Sorry.  I have to get back into the habit.  There are a number of habits I will have to return to, not just the weekly blogging time I have on my IOS calendar.  I need to work on restoring my personal hygiene, as well as become a better steward of my resources.  I say resources, since there is more to life than just the cash flow.  Time is also a resource we never have enough of, as well as energy.  I’m not talking electricity, I’m talking the energy that gets us through our days.    I’m doing a decent job of taking care of my personal spiritual growth, but I can only do so much by myself.   I will have to find us a congregation to belong to, which will be a challenge, since I don’t even know if there is still a Church of God Seventh Day here in Jacksonville.  It would be easier if I were off Friday night, but it’s not a strict requirement.  We are to have at least one day set aside for a change of pace from our normal work, the Commandment does call it the Sabbath day, but it does not specify what day of the week one should set aside, it only stipulates that 6 days you shall labor and on the seventh you shall rest.  While my heart says that would be the sabbath of the Jews, that’s not as practical as it sounds since not everyone is off from sundown Friday to sundown on Saturday.  Needless to say, there is still much work to do on the walk with God.  When I reach the point where I need to join a congregation to continue my growth, I know that I will be led to where I will be needed and appreciated.  So, I suppose it’s time to wrap this up.  It’s been a while since I’ve written anything longer than 500 words and since this is not, I’m feeling like young Charles Xavier using Cerebro the first time in close to a decade.  These are muscles I haven’t used in a long time.  Fear not, I’ll keep working on it, which will prompt deeper thoughts and expand my information intake.  It’s one of those things I need to do, not just for me, but also for you.  I have a following that I have been doing a disservice to in neglecting my blog.  I need to repair that, the disservice.  What kind of servant of the living God would I be if I neglected the outlet He has granted me to utilize?  It’s not getting me any closer to the “Well done, my good and faithful servant” that I want to hear on Judgment Day.  So yes, these words are yet another resource that I must be a better steward with.  It’s time to renew my commitment t0 stewardship in all that I have been blessed with.

God bless and keep you.


Had a really vivid and bizarre dream as I slept earlier.  I don’t really understand why there were 3 of us in a large air liner, nor do I understand why were flying it to Washington state.  All I really remember is that our pilot had to use the restroom and I suggested we put the plane on autopilot while he was away from the controls.  I recall being at the co-pilot controls but I didn’t know our destination, so I maintained heading and altitude.  He wasn’t gone long, but it was long enough that we could have gone off course had I not taken hold of the yoke.  I’m not sure I could have landed it, but taking off and flight aren’t that difficult.  I have done that much on simulators.  Which reminds me, I need a new flight yoke.  I should get one and reinstall Flight Simulator and do some flight.  If nothing else, it may help me to buzz around with a small aircraft in the sim practicing being in the pattern, landing, taking off, and level flight with navigation.    Now, it’s said that flying dreams are indicative of feelings of freedom.  I’m just not sure that includes flight in an aircraft.  I’ve had dreams of flying, just me in the air floating above the ground.  Which are much more free feeling, than being in a construct.  So, obviously, there would be some measure of freedom within the constructed structure, but something tells me that being locked within that structure will be stifling.  With it’s rigid constraints and inflexible rules, it’s only an illusion of freedom.


I guess we do need to stand up and declare that we will not comply with attempts to control us.  We must lock arm and arm to say ” we are free and we will not put up with your control.”  Scripture provides the road map, one need only read it and meditate on it to learn the way.  May the Spirit guide you and God smile upon you.

I have been silent for far too long.

I suppose it’s a by-product of what the political climate here in America has become.  With the ever increasing encroachment by government into our lives, the tyranny inherent of big government becomes more and more visible in it’s abuses of individuals.  These are just the first major signs of tyranny.  For 20 years,  I was warning friends that we were becoming the new Soviet Union.  Most thought I was touched in the head.  The thing is, I was noticing that no matter which of the two parties was in charge, the size and scope of government kept getting bigger and more invasive.  I recognized that while they made and make different noises, their actions are consistently moving the nation in the same direction.  Seems that aside from where they choose to focus the might of government and the speed of the nation’s march to totalitarianism are the only real differences between the RNC and the DNC.  I’ve called the establishment of both parties the puppet parties.  Every two years, we get a puppet show.  After I began noticing the direction we were going, I became suspicious of the puppet master’s agenda.  I think I have mentioned that for years, I didn’t have a name for the puppet master, it was just a faceless entity that supplied the master agenda.  Progressivism, which is basically communism with patience is the puppet master, that is why the last century has become visible as baby step by baby step to push the boundaries of the Constitution and finagle us out of more power in violation of the Tenth Amendment protections of the states and the people.  Look at what happened just in the time from World War II.  If it interests you, I suggest you start looking into the history of the early movement.  I would suggest that you look into the administrations of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.  Both were progressive, one a Republican, the other a Democrat.  They both moved the nation by nudges and some shoves out of where we had been as a people, toward what they wanted us to become.  It will not be easy to fix what is broken, Satan will not easily yield the power given to him, but for all of us, we must make circles of prayer for healing, for restoration, and for the persistence to see the work through to it’s conclusion.  Not only will we need to limit the government, but we must also minimize Satan’s influence inside the beltway.  When I talk of limiting government, that means a significant curtailing of the regulatory authority given to regulatory agencies.  Many of the Executive branch agencies will end up under the purview of Cabinet Secretaries as most were not authorized by the Constitution.  The Executive branch has enumerated powers and should be limited to just those powers.  So not only must we trim the bloat from government, we also have to start weening the people from the teat of government.  Our rights come from God, no matter how you say it, our right to life and liberty come from our Creator.  He loves us and wants what is best for us, if we will obey him and follow his commandments, He promises that He will take care of the big stuff.  We should pray without ceasing, raise voice in praise to Him,  and rely on Him to meet our needs.

What must a humble teamplayer do to be promotable?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself since yesterday and seeing that once again I’m considered ineligible.   As a humble man who goes to work to get the job done, I don’t keep a score card of what I’ve done and to be honest, it really doesn’t matter who gets the credit for it as long as the job gets done.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a routine preventive maintenance job or actual repair or relocation of equipment.   As long as the paperwork reflects what I’ve done with my time and the job is complete that’s all that matters.  Obviously, given the advice I had gotten, I am expected to speak ad nauseum in my answers to questions citing all the kinds of things I’ve had a hand in.  That’s the thing, as a humble guy I tend to let my work speak for itself.  Maybe I need to learn to tout that aspect of it.  Play up my attention to details and powers of observation.    I’m beginning to think that to be promotable, I have to become someone that I’m not.  I can and do react to what I see and if I get in over my head,  I know who to call for help.  I guess that my usual passive-aggressive streak will have me checking into financial aid for some classes at FSCJ.  If nothing else, it will give me more knowledge of the systems I work around and with on a daily basis.  Knowing the  parts that make up those systems and understanding how those parts fit together to do their job is an advantage I need to do my job effectively.  Even if I’m still going to be a stealth MPE until such time as they promote me.  Needless to say, with those technical certificates, I’ll have something to add to my resume should I be looking to change jobs if the Postal Service refuses to find me promotable after I earn those certificates.

Who knows, persistence and perseverance will prevail where charm and humility fail to take me on their own.  While I persist, I will continue to learn and to apply that knowledge.  This tree needs fertilizer to bear healthy fruit.  I intend to get those nutrients into my system to improve my fruit.  Scripture says that we will be known by our fruits.  So this is but one aspect of the fruits of my spirit.  We will witness what is born of this endeavor.


The Six Things Americans Should Know About the Second Amendment, by Richard W. Stevens

The Six Things Americans Should Know About the Second Amendment, by Richard W. Stevens.


Very enlightening reading.  I went looking to find the Federalist Papers where the Founders based their arguments on the Swiss tradition and William Tell laws.  Coming across this, I find that it makes the case with a number of sources quoted.  Some of those sources predate the Colonial period.  The Biblical quotes are not only appropriate, they would have been familiar to the Founders as they were religious men.  It also includes aspects of history that aren’t mentioned in schools anymore.   Just remember, there are links on this page to some of the sources used.  So if you want the full context on a quote, you can get it.

Nearly Every Mass Shooting In The Last 20 Years Shares One Thing In Common, & It’s NOT Weapons

Nearly Every Mass Shooting In The Last 20 Years Shares One Thing In Common, & It’s NOT Weapons.

Shouldn’t we be looking at the people pulling the triggers before we start disarming people we disagree with?  Shouldn’t we be reexamining these drugs and their effects?  Shouldn’t we be looking at the Pharmaceutical Industry and the FDA for how they’ve lied to the people about these and many other types of drugs and their unlisted side effects.


The Foundation of Western Civilization

Now, you might be wondering why I consider the Ten Commandments to be much of the foundation of Western civilization.   Look at the laws of most countries, many of them are derived from the Ten Commandments.   Sure, keeping the sabbath by legislation was derided by calling them blue laws, but the legislators’ hearts where in the right place, if a little misguided.  Considering the founding of the United States and just where the colonists came from and why,  you begin to see that faith and morality were paramount to individual self regulation and civil discourse.  One need only look at the writings of the Founders to understand that they were not only brilliant, but also men of great faith in God.  Notice, they didn’t name Chris in the Declaration of Independence, but there are numerous references to God within the document, from the start all the way to the end.  Who do you think they relied on when they mentioned Divine Providence.   It was in the study of the Bible and faith being a part of the lives of the country that made America great.  The wisdom of the Bible being available to everyone gave us moral, just, and peaceful people.  We worked hard and prospered.  We shared freely of the fruits of our labors.  And we learned early on that legislating morality doesn’t quite work as one would intend it to.

With that in mind, as I have returned to God, I feel a need to call others to turn from their wickedness and return unto God.  It won’t be easy, at first.  After all, Satan is always tempting us to keep at it, but we have the strength we need to overcome that temptation available to us through Christ.  If we repent our sins, turn from our wickedness and call others to follow us out of the cesspool our lives become in wickedness.  We can and are washed clean of that filth by the blood of Jesus.  Now, when I talk of wickedness, you might not see it as wicked but if you commit to reading a chapter a day, starting wherever the spirit leads you to start, you will come to see what God sees as wicked and realize just how wicked much of the media is and all the filth they fling out to stupefy the masses.

That’s enough preaching.  Just think about it.  Let the love and contentment flow into and through you to touch others in a positive way.  You’ll approach life in a different light as you let God guide your way.  God bless.


Ten Commandments – Listed

Ten Commandments – Listed.